African Americans Locked Out Again

West Team Criticizes DSCC Endorsement As Locking African Americans, Minorities, Out Of Process, Says Voters Should Decide Outcome of Race

DALLAS–Sen. Royce West’s campaign for United States Senate on Monday called the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee’s endorsement “a very sad day for the Democratic Party,” and lambasted the DSCC for locking African American candidates out of their process.

“The DSCC is trying to lock African American candidates out of the process without sitting down and visiting with them to make a determination of whether or not they are the best candidate,” said Vince Leibowitz, Communications Director for West’s campaign for U.S. Senate. “They did not even offer Senator West an opportunity to interview for their endorsement,” Leibowitz continued.

“The DSCC is trying to lock African Americans out of the process. That is a slap in the face to 11.6 percent of our state’s population that identifies as African American,” said Sen. Royce West.

“However, we will not be locked out of this process,” West said. “African Americans will turn out in large numbers and they will vote their conscience, and not the DSCC’s choice,” West said. “Of that, I am confident,” he continued.

“This is a very sad day for the Democratic Party,” said Leibowitz. “Locking Senator West out of the DSCC endorsement process is very perplexing. The DSCC knows we need an energized base to win Texas this cycle, and their decision today is very puzzling,” Leibowitz said.

“We welcome the DSCC to explain why they have locked out Senator West of the endorsement process,” Leibowitz continued.

“Voters should make their choice in the March Primary. They don’t need the DSCC telling them who to vote for,” Leibowitz said.

“The DSCC can not give the impression they are trying to rig our elections and diminish minority voices,” Leibowitz said. “Remember what happened in 2016,” he continued.