Education – K-12

Investing in K-12 education is one of my top priorities. 

In the Texas state legislature, and in the voting booth, Democrats have put pressure on Republicans to finally do the right thing and pour more funding into our children’s public education. 

Finally, after years of fighting, Republicans tried to placate things by passing an overhaul. It’s a good start, but don’t be fooled—we have to stay on top of this issue.

For years, politicians talked about the achievement gap and how to close it, but every time we went back to session, the gap stayed the same. So, the state, spearheaded by educators, especially teachers and Democratic legislators, decided to invest political capital at the polls and prioritize education.  You know what, it worked! 

One of the things we did was make sure funding followed our low-income students. Money would be given to schools based on the number of low-income students in attendance. 

We also invested in our teachers. We passed a statewide pay increase for teachers to ease the burden they face. Teacher’s shouldn’t worry about paying for their own school supplies out of pocket.

Texas is starting to move in the right direction, but there is still a lot more we can do.

And, it is crucial that education remains a funding priority to ensure the investment we made last year continues forward.