Education – Higher Education

Increasing the accessibility of higher education has been the hallmark of my career. But there’s so much more we need to be doing for our students from preschool to college. 

When students feel more burdened by their education than empowered, that is a big problem. Tuition is too high and student loan interest rates make it nearly impossible to even pay off your debt. We must offer debt relief programs for the millions of Texans who are unable to invest in buying a home or vehicle due to the burden of their debt.  

We need to invest in Community Colleges, offering free tuition for low income students. The path from a Community College into a 4-year institution is complicated and uneven, and it is imperative to make that pathway easier to navigate for students.

I truly believe that everyone deserves the best education, and I’ve fought for 30 years for access to a high-quality education. 

I was instrumental in bringing the University of North Texas to southern Dallas, so people could get a 4-year degree close to home. I also worked tirelessly to create the UNT School of Law in Downtown Dallas – the cities first and only public law school. These institutions are going to transform lives and the community.