LGBTQ+ Rights

There is no room for discrimination—every person has the fundamental right to love who they want and personally identify as who they are. 

The systems of oppression built against the LGTQ+ community must be dismantled, and that starts with repealing dangerous policies that attacks same-sex couples and transgender Americans.  

First, as a nation, we must pass The Equality Act and unequivocally say that discrimination in housing, employment, healthcare, and access to public goods and services is illegal. 

LGBTQ+ folks must have the freedom to live openly without fear of prejudice, so Congress needs to pass legislation to end the exclusion of sexual and gender identity as a protected class under Title VII and Title IX.

Furthermore, Congress must take action to immediately end the Trump Administration’s blatant transphobic policies. Our military service men and women are heroes and deserve our respect and gratitude—no matter how they identify. 

As a society, we cannot exclude courageous and honorable individuals, and Trump’s transgender military ban does just that.