Texas Monthly names Jessica Gonzalez the “Bull on the Brazos”

Dallas Voice

Jun 16, 2021

The Bull on the Brazos, Rep. Jessica Gonzalez

Texas Monthly came out with its list of 10 best and 10 worst legislators. The magazine said Gonzalez was neither, but for her leadership in killing the voter suppression bill, named her “Bull on the Brazos.”

Gonzalez, who co-chaired the elections committee this session, is also co-chair of the House LGBT Caucus.

From the Texas Monthly piece:

The clashes between González and Briscoe Cain, the chair of the committee, over his elections bill were electrifying for opponents of the legislation. In one incident, González refused to return the gavel to Cain after he tried to prevent Nicole Collier, the chair of the Legislative Black Caucus, from speaking in a hearing. Later, when Cain called for a vote on the elections legislation without allowing González to offer amendments, she dressed down his decision as “bullshit.”

Why, I can’t imagine Gonzalez using the work “bullshit.” She must have taken a minute to compose herself and toned down what she really wanted to call Cain.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez is in Washington today along with several other legislators from the area including Rep Rafael Anchia, who represents parts of Oak Lawn and Oak Cliff, Reps. Victoria Neave and Yvonne Davis and Sen Royce West. They met with Vice President Kamala Harris.

On twitter, Gonzalez said, “We want to thank Vice President Harris for taking the time to meet with us today to discuss the attack on our democracy and recognizing the strong coalition we have built here in Texas in fighting voter suppression.” The short video was shot on the White House lawn.

Back to the Texas Monthly list, two notable freshmen are mentioned — Ann Johnson, the newest member of the LGBT Caucus, and Jasmine Crockett, the Dallas Democrat who holds the seat Eric Johnson vacated when he became mayor.

Here’s what Texas Monthly said about them:

Among the House rookies, Democrat Ann Johnson, of Houston, offered thoughtful legislation and proved remarkably effective at working with Republican lawmakers, while Dallas Democrat Jasmine Crockett filled the chamber with passionate oratory on criminal-justice issues.

Royce West montage