May 27, 2020

West Campaign Releases Contrast Spots, Asks Voters if They Know Enough About Hegar’s Libertarian and Republican Past

DALLAS—The U.S. Senate campaign of State Senator Royce West (D-Dallas) on Monday released two 30-second contrast advertisements calling voters’ attention to the fact that M.J. Hegar previously voted Republican in 2016 when Democrats were trying to keep the White House. Hegar’s vote, along with her questionable donations to John Cornyn and other Republicans, and limited information about her political leanings before she ran for office in 2018, are important considerations, Senator West’s campaign maintains.

“People can believe the excuses about the Republican voting if they want to. I find it a bit thin. Hillary Clinton was on the ballot, and Bernie Sanders was on the ballot, and we’re trying to keep the White House, and she is voting for a Republican. As a dedicated Democrat I guess I just don’t understand it,” said West. “I’m also deeply confused that Hegar has a history of giving money to Republican candidates, including Republican Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison.”

“With Hegar there’s no long, clear track record on her politics. I think these are critical times when the government can take meaningful action with proven leadership. My campaign is about bringing needed change on issues like police reform, and school funding, that I’ve proven I can deliver,” said West. “On many key issues, Hegar has just delivered talking points and not told voters much that she will actually do. Fracking is a prime example. We still don’t know where she really stands on a moratorium. Meanwhile, I’ve told voters my plans—my concrete plans—for improving their lives. And I’ve shown them what I have already done on key things, like police body and dash cameras, and increasing school funding.”

West’s staff said Democrats must put in context all of the publicly available data about Hegar. “Her’s is a narrative that has gone all over the place politically,” said Vince Leibowitz, West’s Communications Director. “Reports from her 2018 Congressional run mention that she called herself a ‘Reagan Republican’ and posted support for a Libertarian presidential candidate and a Tea Party Glasden Flag on Facebook. All of that was scrubbed from her accounts before she ran, but news reports published these images. Then, on the very day of the 2011 debt ceiling vote, she gave money to John Cornyn when he and the Tea Party were fighting to end Obamacare. I have more questions than answers about MJ Hegar,” Leibowitz continued.

“Washington recruited Hegar, not Texas Democrats. She has benefitted from tremendous resources that Hegar clearly believes allowed her to sail above a lot of vetting by the press and even by voters who have, more and more, noticed that she has avoided quite a few forums,” continued Leibowitz.

“I believe Texas voters need to know what they are getting in a nominee for U.S.Senate. This election is too important to allow expensive ads from D.C. operatives to tell only part of the story. We need to ask more questions,” Leibowitz said.

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