Protecting Democracy

America was built upon the ideal of one person, one vote. And over the past hundred years, people of color, women, and disenfranchised folks have been fighting to be equally included in that simple phrase—one person, one vote. 

Lawmakers and government institutions, for decades, have been working to systematically undercut voter access for millions of Americans, disproportionately affecting minority communities. 

Federally, we must take whatever steps necessary to ensure that every person has the opportunity and access to the voting booth. 

Voter equity means strengthening automatic voter registration, making Election Day a national holiday, increasing the number of polling places, and reversing all of the discriminatory Voter ID laws. 

Voting rights has been one of my top priorities in the Texas State Senate and I have worked for decades to ensure all Texans, regardless of background, are given their right to vote. 

I am proud to be one of the leaders in the Senate loudly advocating for voter rights, and arguing against ploys for voter suppression—that is how we protect our democracy.