Sen. Royce West’s Statement On Recent U.S. Drone Strike in Iraq

For Immediate Release

The following is the statement of Sen. Royce West (D-Dallas), candidate for United States Senate from Texas, on the recent drone strike in Iraq that resulted in the death of an Iranian military official:


President Trump’s decision to direct the drone strike resulting in the killing of a top Iranian military leader without consulting congressional leadership is irresponsible, and flies in the face of the constitution and decades of collaboration between the executive and legislative branches of government. History has taught us that before decisions of this magnitude are made they should be discussed with the top leaders of our country. Effective change doesn’t come from the point of a gun or attack of a drone, but from diplomacy, and finding common ground. We’ve previously done that with Iran.

Both of Texas’ U.S. Senators should be condemning the President’s actions today of not consulting congressional leadership. The consequences of President Trump’s actions are likely to be grave, and cost precious American lives. Any decision that could potentially cost the lives of American should be done in conjunction with Congress.

When I am in the U.S. Senate, I will stand up to President Trump or any other President who fails to consult congressional leadership prior to engaging in irresponsible actions like this, which are detrimental to our foreign policy and national security. I will never support foreign policy that unnecessarily risks the life and blood of American men and women serving in our armed forces.