Sen. West Statement on Dallas County Shelter-In-Place Order

The following is the statement of Sen. Royce West (D-Dallas) on the shelter-in-place order issued for Dallas County late Sunday afternoon: 

“Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins has issued a shelter-in-place order for Dallas County.

This order requires most non-essential business and commerce functions in Dallas County to cease normal operations, and requires residents to remain in their homes unless securing food or other necessary supplies. 

The order takes effect at 11:59 p.m. March 23. It ends April 3. 

This order allows takeout and delivery food service; it does not require the closure of grocery stores, big box retailers, gas stations, or other essential retail, medical, government, and social services. 

It is important for the citizens of Dallas County to abide by this order; all Texans should follow the instructions and orders of their local authorities concerning gatherings and public interaction.

The Texas Department of Health and Human Services recommends a doctor’s referral for testing for the Coronavirus disease; please consult with your doctor if you have a fever if 99.6 or higher.  Call 2-1-1 to find a physician or testing location near you if your primary care physician is unable to assist you, or if you do not have a primary care physician. 

We must remember this is not the new normal for Texas.

Our state and our country will join together to get through this difficult time and do what is necessary to contain the spread of COVID-19. Texas is a better place when we work together.”