Senator Royce West Statement on Change to Runoff Election Date

The following is the statement of Sen. Royce West (D-Dallas) on the change in the runoff election date in Texas, which impacts the U.S. Senate race:

“For the last several days, I’ve been working to bring the latest information about COVID-19 and the immediate changes it has brought to government and our daily lives to the people in my Senate District. 

Between briefings with the governor and work in my district on issues such as how Texas will handle the coming instability in the labor market, one thing is clear to me: we must do everything possible to arrest the spread of this terrible disease and lessen the impact on Texas families. 

Toward that end, I believe it is a prudent, practical measure to postpone the election at this time due to the rise in instances of Coronavirus infection across Texas. 

Protecting Texans is my number one priority; it is imperative we ‘flatten the curve.’ 

I believe we need to go a step further In protecting every Texan’s right to exercise their franchise by allowing universal vote by mail. I will carefully monitor the current litigation concerning vote by mail, and my campaign will take whatever steps we believe are necessary to ensure Texans can easily exercise their franchise during this difficult time. This is a right which I have fought to protect for 27 years in the Texas Senate, and it is vital, with changes in the election, we ensure those rights are protected.