U.S. Senate Candidate Royce West Calls on Cornyn to Condemn Trump’s Lynching Comments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Contact: Contact: Vince Leibowitz, vince@dawngroup.us, 972-876-6175

DALLAS, Texas—Texas Senator Royce West has called on Senator John Cornyn to immediately condemn, in the strongest possible terms, President Donald Trump’s comparison of the impeachment process to lynching. 

Trump, early Tuesday, compared the impeachment process to a lynching in a tweet on the social media platform Twitter. 

“As a Texan, black man, and human being, I am absolutely appalled President Trump would make such a comparison. The dark history of lynching in our state alone produced more than 600 lynchings where black and Mexican people were burned alive, hung, and otherwise subjected to mob violence and certain death,” West said. 

“No one should ever use the word ‘lynching’ so lightly. It is a slap in the face to 60 years of civil rights work done in Texas, and demeans what happened to the black and Hispanic Texans at the hands of mobs between 1882 and 1945,” West said, noting a Sam Houston State University project that records the history of Texas lynchings. 

West said Cornyn must call out Trump’s actions immediately. 

“A sitting United States Senator from a state whose history includes more than 600 lynchings and who will eventually sit in judgment in the Senate when impeachment charges reach that chamber must stand up and defend the process and condemn this ill-conceived comparison.” 

“I call on John Cornyn to immediately condemn the President’s remarks, and demand an apology on behalf of lynching victims in Texas,” West said. 

From 1882 until 1945, in cities from Greenville to Columbus to Temple, more than 600 lynching incidents were recorded in Texas according to work by Sam Houston State University. Texas was one of the more active southern states for lynching.