U.S. Senate Candidate Royce West Joins Houston Police Chief Acevedo’s Call to Stand Up to NRA, would Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act

DALLAS–State Senator and U.S. Senate candidate Royce West (D-Dallas) said today that he would represent women and children, and not the National Rifle Association, in response to Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo’s call that politicians should take a stand on being on the side of women and children or on the side of the gun manufacturing lobby. 

“I will vote immediately to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act,” West said. “Yesterday, Chief Acevedo talked about the fact that Ted Cruz, John Cornyn and others won’t get in a room and have a conference committee with their counterparts in the House about the version passed out of that chamber.”

“When I am your U.S. Senator, I will sit down with my counterparts, and we will get things done,” West said. “I have a long record of working in rooms just like Chief Acevedo was talking about to get things done.” 

“On guns–I’ve been there for a long time,” West said. “I was with Ann Richards on this issue. That’s how far back I go. I filed legislation in the Texas Senate to deal with universal background checks, assault weapons, magazine size, and the many, many issues that are central to the debate about responsible, reasonable gun control.”

“Nobody is coming to take your guns. We just need some sensible regulations,” West said. “I’m a Second Amendment supporter, but you don’t need a 100-round clip in an assault rifle to harvest a white tail or for recreational shooting.”

“When I am in the U.S. Senate, I will work tirelessly to get people to sit down in a room and come to an agreement on sensible gun reform legislation. We must work together to pass restrictions that will make it more difficult for incidents such as the one in Houston from happening.”

“The NRA doesn’t own me. They never have and they never will. I will sit down at the table and hash out an agreement. I will help lead it to passage, like I’ve done for Texans many times in the Texas Senate,” West said.