U.S. Senate Candidate Royce West On President Trump’s Impeachment

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Vince Leibowitz, vince@dawngroup.us, 972-876-6175

DALLAS, Texas—Texas Senator Royce West released the following statement today regarding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement to formally begin an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump:

“Today’s announcement has been a long time coming. Our country is nearly three years into Trump’s disastrous presidency, and now we finally have a formal impeachment inquiry— this is overdue,” West said.

“We know the president solicited and welcomed interference in the 2016 election by an American adversary. Now, faced with an uphill battle to reelection, he has asked yet another foreign nation to investigate a political opponent out of fear.”

“This is treasonous. Presidents, just like everyone else, must be held accountable when they undermine our democracy and right to hold free and fair elections. Our nation was built upon a Constitution that serves as an instruction manual to help us avoid unethical behavior.”

“This is not a partisan issue. Protecting our nation’s values, especially the rule of law, should not just be a Democratic or a Republican priority, but an American one.”