Our Vision

Each and every day – from Amarillo to Brownsville, El Paso to Beaumont – our neighbors wake to a country being divided by elected officials in Washington D.C. who seek to divide us rather than unite us. Our constituents believe our country is changing directions from “with liberty and justice for all”. Our love for our country will not allow us to be quiet; while some attempt to erase the gains that were made to level the playing field for all Americans – especially in the great state of Texas. We refuse to be divided by race, gender, sexual orientation or identity, disability, geography, economic status or politics. 

Elected officials in Washington D.C. fail daily to take bold bipartisan steps to make quality healthcare affordable and a basic right for all Americans. They continue to obstruct passage of revisions to the Voting Rights Act; they don’t acknowledge the need to work towards social justice; they are pushing forward with legislative attempts to deny women the right to make their own healthcare decisions; they still deny livable wages, gun control, and an equitable education system. They prefer to focus on building a wall of division; let us focus on building a bridge for hope.

Texans deserve representation that is bold enough to stand up for policies that will improve the relationship between law enforcement and the communities, to foster and receive mutual respect; especially communities of color. Unfortunately, the current administration and the U.S. Senate leadership are not doing enough to foster a sense of inclusion by addressing issues that are important to the collective body of people who live and work in the United States. We must not cower down when individuals attempt to use a person’s race, sexual orientation or identity, economic status, or point of entry into the United States as a litmus test to be provided protection, basic rights, and services.

I firmly believe that our greatest strength is our love for our country. Too many of our representatives in Washington seek to shine a light that creates an illusion of weakness. However, we will fight to uplift the hopes and dreams, the aspirations, and passion of our neighbors.  We must listen to our neighbors, understand their plight, and serve them with the dignity and respect they deserve. Everyone deserves the basic essentials – food, clothing, and shelter; allow me to add – education, healthcare, and respect.I promise, that as your United States Senator, I will always listen with an open heart and work to build a country of inclusion and sensitivity; one that realizes its strengths, works on its weaknesses, and moves towards its greatness. “My country, ’tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, Of thee I pledge.