Oct 4, 2021

Weekly Update October 4, 2021

Dear Friends,

This week's developments include the submission of new senate district maps and the Haitian migrant crisis.


We began the third special legislative session this past Monday by submitting our proposal for the new district maps. Senate District 23, as currently proposed, will expand a bit further northeast and southwest compared to the current map. This redistricting session will be particularly unique because of COVID and the previous administration's efforts to keep certain constituents from being counted. There was significant population growth in Texas, leading to the addition of two congressional districts to the state. This population growth means most districts will probably see substantial change. Texas has a long history of discrimination, and we don't expect this redistricting session to be different.

Please continue to be involved in this special redistricting session. Make sure you stay informed and learn more about the redistricting process.

Border Crisis

I want to make sure I address the horrific images and videos we saw this past week. I was heartbroken and outraged to see so many Haitians who have had to flee their country because of natural disasters and political unrest treated as if they were a herd of animals.

This week I led the effort to ensure that my Texas democratic colleagues urged the Texas Congressional delegation to take immediate action on this matter. I want to reiterate that it is legal to seek asylum in the United States, and there is no need to treat people as if they were less than human in some of the most traumatic times of their life. We can and must do better in our treatment of people seeking asylum.


State Senator Royce West

Royce West montage