Royce West for State Senate

I have dedicated my life to providing and protecting basic rights and opportunities for all Texans. As a State Senator, I have been a leader on issues regarding K-12 public education, higher education, criminal justice, public safety, healthcare, and business and economic development to name a few. 

I running for re-election for Senate District 23. Join me as we continue to fight for a Texas which provides opportunity for all.

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Royce West

Meet Royce West

Royce West has dedicated his life to providing and protecting basic rights and opportunities for all Texans.

Senator West advocated with parents and teachers to achieve world-class education for students, championed criminal justice reform, supported workers seeking fair wages, and advocated for common-sense gun legislation like banning assault weapons and having universal background checks. Royce promoted and defended women’s reproductive rights, stood with immigrant rights communities for comprehensive immigration reform, and marched with students seeking fair voting rights. He also championed expansion of healthcare opportunities for Texans and provided subsidized foster care alternatives to grandparents, as well as other family members.

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What Royce Has Done for Our Community

Public Education and Higher Education

Senator West believes education is the best avenue for personal upward mobility and societal economic growth.

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Business and Economic Development

Senator West believes in ensuring we invest in the economic development of communities.

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Healthcare as a Human Right

Senator West has consistently been a strong advocate for Medicare expansion and firmly believes health care is a human right.

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Royce West and his wife Carol


Royce West

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